The Beta Key Giveaway moves on!

After the release of Carbine Studios post on about the current WildStar beta key giveaway that are happening on WildStar Central, WildStar Fans and on The Core Network’s sites – WildStar Core, Nexus Report ย and Warplots the interest have been huge from the community.

And moving on from one giveaway period WildStar Central with another and today (27th Jan) WildStar Fans have taken over with a WildStar Quiz they call “WildQuiz, so head over there and solve a few questions and see if you know the most about WildStar besides from you fellow gamers that eagerly waiting to get over to Nexus. Have in mind that you have until 31th Jan at 11.59 PM EST to send in your answers.

Remember that if you do not win a beta key over at our friends at WildStar Central or WildStar Fans, you will have one more chance when we at The Core Network start our WildStar Beta Key Giveaway at the 31th Jan so keep a eye on our social media feeds and on our portal sites for more information coming soon. Good luck and stay strong, Cupcakes!




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2 years 11 days ago

Must… Win.. Key… neeeeed diversion from LoL esports and Battlefield4! ๐Ÿ˜€