Are Dungeons Too Hard? Poll Results Revealed

Since before launch, the discussion has raged: Are WildStar dungeons too hard? Well, we asked you, the brave explorers of Nexus, for your opinions in a recent poll. We received almost 800 votes, and the results are in. In this first part, we look at the actual data results and provide some analysis. In a second part, we’ll review and organize the comments left by players. Let’s take a look at the numbers and discuss what they mean.

The first question basically sets the tone of the poll:

Have You Done Dungeons While Leveling?
Yes 96%
No 4%

I suspect the incredibly high number of people who said “Yes” here (approaching 100%) likely has to do with the fact that players who started to take the poll and haven’t done any dungeons realized that they wouldn’t have an opinion on the questions that followed this one.

Next, we ask which dungeons people have actually done:

Which of the following Dungeons have you done while leveling? (Multiple choice.)
Stormtalon’s Lair 89%
Ruins of Kel Voreth 78%
Skullcano 41%
Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden 19%
None 4%

A multiple choice question, with almost 90% of respondents having tried Stormtalon’s Lair, and almost 80% having tried Ruins of Kel Voreth. The numbers drop off from there, which isn’t surprising considering many players are still in the process of progressing through the levels. So it makes sense that the two level 20 dungeons have had the most activity at this time.

Now we start getting to the juicy bits – How hard do you think the dungeons are?

How difficult would you say Stormtalon’s Lair is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 3%
2 9%
3 34%
4 38%
5 11%
I have not done that dungeon. 6%
How difficult would you say Ruins of Kel Voreth is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 2%
2 11%
3 31%
4 30%
5 7%
I have not done that dungeon. 20%
How difficult would you say Skullcano is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 1%
2 3%
3 14%
4 18%
5 10%
I have not done that dungeon. 53%
How difficult would you say Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 1%
2 2%
3 6%
4 8%
5 11%
I have not done that dungeon. 73%

As expected from the previous question, the higher level the dungeon, the fewer people who have done it. Let’s eliminate the “I haven’t done that” votes, and see what that leaves us with, shall we?

How difficult would you say Stormtalon’s Lair is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 3%
2 10%
3 36%
4 40%
5 11%
How difficult would you say Ruins of Kel Voreth is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 2%
2 13%
3 39%
4 37%
5 9%
How difficult would you say Skullcano is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 2%
2 7%
3 33%
4 39%
5 21%
How difficult would you say Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden is on a scale of 1-5 – 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest?
1 2%
2 6%
3 23%
4 29%
5 39%

That’s better. The first thing that jumps out from these numbers is the low number of players who gave these dungeons a difficulty rating below 3. Ruins of Kel Voreth had the highest percentage in this category, but still only 15% players felt it was below average difficulty. On the flip side, the numbers above the average rating of 3 are very high. Ruins of Kel Voreth has the lowest number of votes over 3, with 46%. (Have you noticed we may be seeing some indication that’s considered the easiest of these four dungeons? Hold that thought, more on that in a moment.) Slightly more than half the respondents (51%) considered Stormtalon’s Lair above average difficulty, while more than two thirds of players (68%) rated Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden that hard.

The percentage breakdowns are interesting, but let’s take those numbers and turn them into some average ratings.

Dungeon Average Difficulty
Ruins of Kel Voreth 3.36
Stormtalon’s Lair 3.47
Skullcano 3.72
Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden 3.97

As expected, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden rates as the hardest, while Ruins of Kel Voreth is considered the easiest. It will be interesting to see how these ratings could adjust over time. Not only will there be a bigger sample size of players doing the higher level dungeons, but as players become more experienced, the dungeons should at least feel a bit less difficult.

The next series of questions have to do with attempting the dungeons as part of a pickup group – affectionately known as a PUG, or a group found using the Looking For Group (LFG) tool:

Have you attempted any of the leveling dungeons with a PUG (Pick Up Group) ?
Yes, I have queued solo and tried with a complete PUG. 61%
Yes, I queued with one or more friends, but we filled in some slots with PUG people. 25%
No, I have not tried these dungeons with a PUG. 14%

These numbers are somewhat surprising. Close to 90% (86% to be exact) of respondents have attempted dungeons with at least some random players in the group. More than half (61%) were brave enough to queue by themselves and group with four random players. That’s excellent proof that people are excited to do the dungeons, even when a full pre-made group may not be available to them.

So, how’d the PUGs do exactly? Removing those respondents who say they have never used a PUG to do one of these dungeons:

What was your experience attempting to do these dungeons in a PUG? (Among those who did PUG it.)
Very good – The PUG performed well and had little difficulty. 3%
Average – Some bumps in the road, but generally successful. 50%
Not good – More dying than expected, not a whole lot of success. 24%
Disaster – Horrible experience. People leaving after wipes, arguing, could not complete the instance. 23%

Almost half the players (47%) said their experience was not good or a total disaster. That’s not a good sign, but not entirely surprising given the learning curve for these dungeons and their difficulty. The coordination required to defeat many of the bosses is something most PUGs do not possess. (PUGs also don’t usually use voice chat; voice chat makes this type of coordination much easier.) On the flip side, very few players (3%) said they had a good experience while doing dungeons in a PUG, although exactly half said their experience was average and about what they expected.

So, let’s wrap everything up with a few questions that sum up players’ feelings about dungeons:

Overall, how do feel about the difficulty of the dungeons while leveling up?
Super easy – I faceroll my way through them. With one hand. 1%
A little too easy – Not quite faceroll easy, but I die rarely and always finish them. 5%
Just right – They present a good challenge without being frustrating. 64%
A little too hard – I die a bit more than I would expect to. They could be a bit more forgiving. 20%
Super hard – They took the “hard” in “hardcore” a bit too far. Very frustrating. 10%

Almost two thirds of players (64%) said the difficulty of the dungeons were “just right” the way they are. That’s an impressive number, and demonstrates that despite the perceived difficulty and bruises they’ve endured, WildStar players enjoy the challenge and look forward to learning how to better conquer dungeons. Almost the other third (30%) said they are on the harder side, while only 6% said they were easier than expected.

Last but not least, the important question – Are people having fun?:

Have you enjoyed the experience of doing Dungeons while leveling?
Yes – Hell yes, lots of fun! 69%
Indifferent – They’ve been okay. Nothing horrible, but nothing special either. 19%
No – Horrible experience, I’ve hated it. 12%

The overwhelming majority have said yes, they are having fun doing the WildStar dungeons. Only 12% said they haven’t enjoyed the experience. (It would be interesting to see how that 12% intersects with those who had bad PUG experiences, but the data we have doesn’t provide that view.) Again, despite the challenges that dungeons may provide, it appears to be exactly what players want, and they’re really enjoying it.

That concludes the first part of the poll analysis. Coming soon, we dive deep into the comments that players left and pull out the most common suggestions, themes, complaints, and ideas regarding dungeons.

Thanks to all who participated in this survey, we couldn’t have done it without your input!


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  • draeq

    Swordmaiden doesn’t unlock until 50, so the whole “while leveling” premise whilst including it doesn’t really make sense.

    • Jaspor

      You know, I considered that, but decided that since it wasn’t a Veteran Dungeon, I’d include it. Maybe the term “normal” dungeon would have worked better than “while leveling” to cover that detail. In the end, I included it partly because there’s a non-veteran version of it and partly because it would have left only 3 dungeons to talk about if it were excluded.

  • Elloa

    Swordmaiden is my favourite one! Except the jumping part. That I fail horribly.

    • Livnthedream

      Elevator boss is hardest boss!

  • Gynomite

    LMFAO you idiots forgot to include veteran dungeons! Try this whole survey again for veteran dungeons. ANYONE who puts the stormtalon or slavemaster drokk fight at a 3 or lower is a total liar. I’m not even going to mention Swordmaiden! lolololol at this article forgetting the most important part of the game: endgame! Ask how many people got a silver (or even completed) a vet dungeon in a pug. My guess? It’s below 5%.

    • Jaspor

      Thanks for the feedback. Although calling us idiots isn’t very nice. :(

      This poll was focused on Normal Dungeons. A future poll will talk about Veteran Dungeons. We’ll talk about end game when the majority of players have had a decent chance to try it. :)

  • CaMa

    I think most people are having issues with the veteran mode of the dungeons