Lock It Down Cupcakes: Carbine Adds Google Authentication Rewards

If you have ever had your account hacked in a video game you know the headache and heartache it causes.  Carbine is being proactive and taking steps to ensure Wildstar players account safety.  Not only will the authentication process protect a player’s account but players who choose to follow suit will be rewarded with a title, costume piece and progression boosts!

Wildstar will be utilizing Google’s 2-step Verification Application, the application is similar to World of Warcraft’s Authenticator but is more versatile as the application translates to other services around the web.  In order to setup your account with the application you will need; a Windows Phone, iOS or Android device or even a Windows PC with Net 4.0.

 Set-Up Process:

  1. Log in to your NCSoft Account through the Wildstar website and click on “My Account” then “Add” next to 2-Step Verification which is found under Account Security.
  2. Have your desired device handy with the Google Authenticator Application already installed.  Once open, enter the code as instructed from your Wildstar Account (or scan the generated QR code.)
  3. Once added, the device will portray your Wildstar login email (this can be edited at this time.)
  4. After the 2-Step Verification is added you will receive an email confirmation.
  5. At this point on, whenever you login, you will be met with an additional window that will require a unique set of numbers from your device.

It is quite inconvenient if you lose your device (or trade it in) so make sure to go through steps to remove the authenticator from your account before you sell/trade your device.  This same 2-step method can be applied to your Google account which will increase your security even further, in the past NCSoft has recommended that players create a unique Gmail with 2-Step Verification for use on specific games (no crossover or use on other websites.)

The Rewards:

If you choose to go through this process (which Wildstar-Core absolutely recommends) you will be met with some sweet loots.  The progression boosts offer 2% increase to Experience, Renown and Prestige gains (VERY handy with the upcoming Head Start.)  As well as a spiffy character title; “Certifiably Certified” and a unique costume piece; “Cybernetic Eyepatch.”

So get on it cupcakes, we know you have always wanted a one-eyed Chua!


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