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If you missed it, which I find very hard considering it was almost six hours long, there was a Wildstar Dev Speak on Friday and we got a ton of fun information.  Other than having the devs playing the game, they gave away stuff to those watching and answered a slew of questions!  Due to it being a long stream I only picked out information that is recent or new information.  I suggest watching the stream if you’re looking for as much information as possible on the game, or you could look back through our site for more info!

Statistics and Carbine Info

Before Gaffney was on there talking about information we heard that this coming week we will see a raid dev speak which is going to be better than the Warplots dev speak, according to Frost.  So be sure to keep an eye out for it to drop on May 13th or the 14th.  The first up that we had was Jeremy Gaffney, the Executive Producer of Wildstar.  He did an AMA that we covered yesterday and as with the AMA, he had UI optimization questions right off the bat.  We were told that there is a team working on optimizing certain aspects and areas of the game and he mentioned that during the past betas and current open beta they have found that higher end rigs are getting more FPS options.

There were some questions concerning open beta and Gaffney gave us some statistics to sate our numberlust.  It’s like bloodlust but for nerds.  The reason for open beta is for bug testing, feedback, tracking stacks, server needs, and to just demo the game.  Carbine wants you to get into the open beta to test the game, but just as important they want players to demo the game and tell their friends.  They also want to track player progressions so they can see where people stop playing and try to find a theme to see if a zone or area is too grindy, hard, or boring. Gaffney gave us some rough numbers for the game based on surveys and other info.

  • When asked if the player had fun, 51% of players gave a 5 out of 5.
  • When asked about buying the game, 64% of players gave a 5 out of 5.
  • 1.9 million NEW characters created since open beta started.
  • They went from 4 servers to 18 servers for open beta.

There was some more information given about some history of Carbine, mentioning that the studio was formed by 20 former WoW team and that they had two big points after working almost six years on WoW.  They wanted to make anything other than WoW and they wanted to fix what they made in WoW while adding new ideas into the game.  Gaffney also explained that there was three previous names for Wildstar consisting of Sanctuary, then Paradox, then Influx.


Streams and Other Media

I really enjoy games that have added media for them, which we find from Carbine in their flicks and dev speaks, but also in their Tales From Beyond the Fringe comics.  You’ll find these in game, but also a few comics on their website.  Gaffney did mention that they hope to move into those other medias but for now they have to concentrate on the game and making the launch and beginnings as streamlined as possible.  It was confirmed that the Dev Speaks will continue after launch as well as giving us more live streams with Tony Rey and Frost.

  • Tuesdays will have Nexus Report, an update on the game and special releases.
  • Wednesdays will have video releases per Tony Rey.
  • Fridays will have Wildstar Weekly which is more casual Q&A sessions while devs play.

Tony Rey will also be doing a Dev Stream the week of the 19th in order to give more information about addons and UI.


Post launch

For some launch and post launch questions we got some new information as well as specifying or reiterating some recent news that has come.  There is currently 16 months of new content being worked on including zones, battlegrounds, and other various content which is coming in monthly patches the devs have started calling Drops.  They talk about these patches as Drop 1, 2, 3, etc to express the months after launch that they drop.

  • Blighthaven, a new zone for level 50+ content will appear in Drop 1 after the game launches.
  • Other 50+ zones will be introduced in Drop 3 and onward and incremental changes will happen during the monthly patches.
  • There will also be major patches planned less frequently that will update abilities, ability tiers, and AMPs.

It was also confirmed that emotes will be added as the game progresses but there is no confirmed timeline for these updates.  Also, they gave us a new hoverboard!



We’ve been informed previously that additions to the game will be permanent unlike GW2, except for holidays, and that while in PVP we will see these themes as well.  It was specified that PVP servers will have easier to kill city guards while PVE servers will have stronger city guards in order to help those on those realms play their way.  Jen Gordy also reminded us that when you go into a battleground you are automatically bumped up to match those at the top end of the bracket to make the game as fair as possible.  While there is no direct PVP events in the open world, there are PVE events that funnel players into world PVP.

  • Costumes confirmed for PVP for post launch.
  • Experience and prestige are shared so that healers are able to play their way.
  • Playing battlegrounds objectively gives bonus experience and prestige.
  • AFK players or Bots will be kicked after a few minutes, giving a deserter debuff as well as lowering your PVP rating if you’re playing in that tier.
  • For premade PVP, the individual ratings (for rated PVP) and individual gear scores (for non-rated PVP) are combined to get an average for the group.  This allows better matchmaking.
  • PVP will have artifact (datpinkdoe) level weapons after launch.
  • Currently working on ways to make PVP nerfs not affect PVE and vice versa, such as debuffs when entering a PVP match.
  • High end PVP gear cannot be purchased via the auction house the same way PVE world drops or crafter gear can be.
  • Warplots are cross realm and not always faction vs faction.  You may be fighting your own faction in order to keep faster queues.
  • Prestige is capped at 5,000 per character at a time.  You will need to spend some to make more if you hit the cap.
  • Daggerstone Pass is slated to release for Drop 2..
    • 15 v 15
    • Goal is to destroy the other party’s base with bombs.
  • Second arena is in the works, then after it’s done they will be working on the 4th battleground.

There is interest by Carbine to get ESports working natively with the game, but they are more focused on a smooth launch for the game first.  Leaderboards are something that Jen Gordy would like to add post launch and like everything else, if there is enough demand, devs will try to get it into the game.  While you’re in PVP, you need to remember that there is a difference in PVP and PVE gear, but that PVE gear in entry level PVP is feasible.  If you’re looking to be viable for high end PVP you will need to earn that gear through lower tiers.  Jen also went over some Warparty and Warplots information.  If you weren’t aware, they have a rank system like a guild and each Warparty uses 40 players per Warplot match.



  • Warplots are built outside of the combat and use the same plug and socket system that the housing system does.
  • You can put down deployables such as turrets or landmines outside plug areas.
  • In Warplots you have an energy meter and a nanopack pool.
    • Energy is consumed by the plugs you have enabled and whether your generators are operational.
    • Nanopacks is a resource that fuels your plug abilities. Nanopacks are gained by taking control of nanopack towers outside of the Warplot bases.
  • You can have dungeon and raid bosses on your Warplots.
    • They can be bought with Warcoins if you’re strictly PVP oriented.
    • They can be captured by running PVE content.


  • Built around small team PVP and can be used for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5.
  • Practice at level 30, then ranked at level 50.
  • Ranked requires a premade team in order to play.
  • Season 1 will start at launch.
  • End of the season, the top undetermined % will be rewarded.
  • Cross realm.
  • Team respawn system where a number of lives are shared by the whole team.


There was a lot of information based around housing while they showed off in game created housing plots created by the players.  Mike Mocarski, Carbines Art Director was on the stream with Robert Hess (Nohbob) telling us all the fun stuff we can expect from housing and they didn’t disappoint.  Mike mentioned that costumes in the game were created with the mindset of RPers wanting to use them for various scenarios.  All the armor in the game can be dyed whether it drops from PVP or PVE, and post launch they will be adding more dyes to their already impressive list of 150!

Housing isn’t just a cool place to hangout, it also gives rested XP when you add furniture and other things to your housing plot.  Even if you’re not interested in making your own home then you can join a friend’s house and logout for the rested XP there.  They have not mentioned whether rested XP affects the Eldar Points that you gain at max level, but I can hope so for those that won’t have time to get on every day so that they can still try to keep up.  I was excited to hear that the devs plan on making almost everything from the game into a decor item for your housing plot and that they will keep adding things into the game post launch.  The devs also asked us that if we wanted anything made for housing to give them feedback and let them know!  The pre-order rocket house will have different exteriors like any other houses and the devs are working on a non-playable arcade machine for your home. We also got this gem:




To finish off the long stream they had Pappy come on and talk about lore while Frost did his best to play the game and keep from groaning about it.  I really love the contrast and jokes between these two devs as they smack talk one another, which tends to go right along with the characters that you would find in game.  The mix of serious and humor makes for great personality in all the NPCs that Wildstar has to offer and really attracts people to the game.  Pappy laid some knowledge on us while doing his best to pick on Frost at the same time.

  • 1658 AE – Nexus is discovered
  • ~1668 AE – Nexus is inhabited by the races in the game.
  • Granok live to nearly 1,000 years in age.
  • We will have 5 Drusera story driven instances from level 35-50 where we learn what happened with the Eldan.
  • Wildstar factions are purposefully portrayed not to be good or bad factions.
  • The history around the Chua, their lack of distinguishable gender and how they reproduce will be explained in the future of the game.
    • Chua are commonly referred to with male pronouns in game to avoid calling them “Its”.
  • Nano-tech which is used in things like the Stalker stealth suit was handed down by the Eldan.
  • Millennials are Mechari that were around when the Cassians were first found.

I hope you enjoyed the coverage and you can find more information than I have here by visiting the stream yourself and watching it.  I hope you found this information useful and make sure to get into the open beta!

Sneaky tidbit from Pappy after Mike Donatelli spoiled it all ;)



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