We’re giving away two copies of Wildstar!

Results of the Giveaway!

Before I post the winners, I wanted to let everybody know that we had a total of 6,526 entries.  If you’re not aware, this is done in a raffle format in which answering questions or sharing on twitter, etc got you more raffle tickets to win.  Everybody had the same chances of winning if they did all the raffle options given.  The WINNERS:

@straitjcket won the EU copy!

@nespeon won the US copy!


Please check your emails for your game codes!


Be sure to keep an eye on Warplots as they are doing a giveaway as well soon!


Do you want a copy of Wildstar?

We are looking to give two copies of Wildstar Online away.  While we have a larger North American base, we also have a good sized base outside of North America so we’re giving away one of each version.  You don’t care about that though do you?  You just want to know how to win the loot!  It’s easy, you just need to fill out the widget at the bottom of the article and follow us on Twitter!  The Rafflecoptor gives you a point for answering questions and following on twitter, etc.  When it’s all said and done, we will select the winner.  The more you answer questions and tweet about it, the more raffle points you get!  You can tweet about it once a  day, so be sure to spread the word through the widget and you’ll get an extra raffle ticket!

We only have one North American copy and one EU copy, so we can sadly only give away so much.  We’re already getting ideas around for future giveaways so have no fear!

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  • Riks Wollard

    would be really awesome to win this :) because it’s a real pain to buy international games from my country :/

    • simplysylvan

      Then I wish you good luck :)

      • Riks Wollard

        thanks…for you too fellow gamer lol

  • Kieran

    Would love to win this also! Would be great to give a copy to a financial burdened person in our guild!

  • Floyd Hunter

    At the moment, I literally have to make the choice between pre-ordering Wildstar or fixing my PC so that it can run Wildstar, so winning a copy of it would be soooooooooooooo awesome. Plus, this would make such a good b-day gift what with mine just 10 days away lol.

  • Inri Teran

    Damn i really want one of these , but with my bad luck i doubt i’ll get it

    • Guest

      I know that feel bro

    • Guest

      I feel ya bro

  • derp

    Been waiting for this game FOREVER!!

  • Adey dol

    i’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riks Wollard


  • Floyd Hunter

    1 hour, 5 minutes.. I’ve done all I can. It’s in the hands of the gods now..

  • FatalStrik3x

    So when do we know who won?

    • simplysylvan

      Later tonight, the winners will be emailed and displayed in the giveaway widget above :)

      • Floyd Hunter

        so on this page then, just later?

      • FatalStrik3x

        awesome! I will have to check back later! You guys are awesome for doing this giveaway!