WildStar Leveling guide – Low level

[Courtesy of Warcake Greenkurt!]

If you are at all like me, you are looking forward to experiencing all that Wildstar has to offer.  This includes not only the level 50 content, but the leveling experience as well.  From the moment I hit level 6 on my first beta weekend I started to queue for battle grounds as I continued questing.

Without having to wait long, I was able to get into a few battle grounds and even win several.  An hour later and I found myself with a bit of a problem.  I was done playing PVP and wanted to continue questing, but all of the quests I had were 2-3 levels below me.  Following the advice that I received from the folks streaming on Warplots, I dropped the quests that were below my level in order to find some that were more appropriate.  I then ran into the issue that since I didn’t complete an area, I was not given the breadcrumb quest taking me to the quest hub.  I was forced to run around all over the zone in order to find the proper region.  Once I found it, I spent some time doing those quests before jumping back into PVP.  Once again, an hour later I had the same problem as before.

This is not only an issue found while PVPing.  I started healing the first adventure at level 15 and was almost half way through level 17 by the time we completed it.  I actually died a few times after that because I was looking for a level appropriate quest hub and ended up in a level 22 area of the zone.   Needless to say this was a bit frustrating and so I decided to create a level guide that maps out the Dominion zones for levels 6-22.   The maps below do not call out the quest hubs, but they do note the proper areas of the map to look for them in based on your current level.

Hopefully these maps will be helpful to other players as they work their way through those beginning levels.  (I’m rolling Exile at launch and I want to keep that content fresh, but once I am able, look for an update that maps out the Exile zones as well.


Deradune-LevelGuide (1)



Auroria-LevelGuide (1)


Ellevar-LevelGuide (1)



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