Cougar clears up why many are feeling ‘Input Lag’ in beta!

Had a weird play experience on your characters today? I know I certainly felt it today on the Nexus realm, I felt disconnected from my Spellslinger and it just felt ‘off’. My ping was around normal for the beta period & everything seemed to be working yet there was something weird going on. I actually stopped playing thinking it was likely my internet or some server issue. Turns out its a very weird server issue that Carbine are now aware of. Cougar had this to say on the forums.


Hey all,

We figured out what is causing this, but we can’t get it fixed this weekend. However, we do know that we can force crash the affected realms in order to provide some relief. As such, we’ll do rolling restarts in the wee hours tonight in order to maximize the performance tomorrow.

Basically, we discovered an issue that is causing all AI activity to have a higher server priority than player activity (this is silly), and with all the stuff going on, the AI activity is getting bogged down and behind after many hours of uptime. When the AI get’s behind, yet has a higher priority than player actions.. well that causes the latency in ability activations you were seeing earlier today (even when pings are normal). We’ll get this fixed for good before Pre-Order Weekend 2. This isn’t manifesting until we have a significant amount of up time (we think to the tune of ~26hrs right now), so if we do rolling restarts later tonight we should prevent this from manifesting tomorrow.

When we make the game more stable, and we have more players, new problems show up. Sorry about that, but at least we know how to provide relief in the short term, and we’ll absolutely get it fixed before PO2.


Now I am not sure which realms exactly were getting this problem, I felt it on Nexus but they are aware of it now and by next weekend that issue should be quashed. This is what beta is for, one less thing to experience on launch!

Great to see issues like this being addressed & players kept in the loop.

SOURCE: Cougar posted on the official forums


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  • Darkthunder

    Nice to hear the Carbine guys are on top of it. Enjoying the game so far, despite it’s little hickups :)