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Recent News

Patch Notes – 11th September 2014

Feedback thread for this update is here. Highlights Massive updates to the Genesis Key Attunement process! Massive updates to the accessibility of AMP Power Upgrades and Ability Tier Points! The Savage Warpig has been given an expresso shot for a much needed boost of energy!… More

PTR Patch Notes – 3rd September 2014

General Houston32.exe can now run on Windows XP. Edited the credits for any necessary capitalization. Character Mounts have had their overall health reduced by 50% Recall spell will no longer occasionally re-display the character after completing the cast but before teleporting to housing. Draken female’s… More

Hold Onto Your Butt Cupcake: Omni-Core Mega Drop Inc

My primary goal at Pax Prime was stalking—I mean – meeting the Wildstar Devs and finding out more about Carbine’s vision of the future.  I attended a panel focused on the future of MMORPGs and Frost divulged some great information on Carbine’s shift in focus. … More

The Nexus Report Recap for September 2nd, 2014.
Nexus Report

As we’ve seen every week now we are getting the two Twitch livestreams from the Carbine Devs with Tony and Frost hosting while having others join them to talk about certain parts of the game that they work on.  This week we had the following guests on the Nexus Report:… More

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