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The WildStar Weekly Recap for July 31st, 2014.
Dev Live Stream Feature 980

As we’ve seen every week now we are getting the two Twitch livestreams from the Carbine Devs with Tony and Frost hosting while having others join them to talk about certain parts of the game that they work on.  This week we had the following on WildStar Weekly: Craig Turner… More

Patch Notes – Sabotage! Build: 1.0.12

Epic Drop! Check out these patch notes, roughly 14,000 words of updates, changes and more! General Daggerstone Pass A new PvP Battleground is now available, starting at level 30! Daggerstone Pass is all about base destruction, where Exile and Dominion players mustcontrol satellite uplinks to… More


Cougar just let us know on twitter that the awaited drop 2 will come today at midnight PDT! (7am UTC). Check out our Daggerstone Pass guide to get geared up for some SABOTAGE! This patch brings a lot from class balance to bug fixes, be… More

Dev Tracker: Upcoming Rune Changes

Posted by JTal on 7/29/14 In addition to looking at Runes, we are also fixing up some of the raid loot tables and items. We will be looking at raid itemization in the next couple of weeks and focusing on two main issues (that are… More

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