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Recent News

PTR – Patch Notes – Sabotage – 1.0.12: 23rd July 2014

PTR Exclusive Anyone can now utilize the instant-level-50 boost NPC and test gear vendor on the PTR. PvP items have been added to the test gear vendor on the PTR, allowing you to be properly suited up for battleground testing! The “Pouch of Prestige” can… More

Episode 2: I’m 50 Now What?

Welcome Nexians to Episode 2 of “I’m Level 50! Now What?”  Episode 1  talked about some of the things we should be working on for attunement including gathering your 150 Elder Gems and purchasing your key as well as finishing Rep and obtaining Silver Adventures.  In this… More

Carbine Livestream Recap for week of 7.13.2014
Dev Live Stream Feature 980

As we’ve seen every week now we are getting the two Twitch livestreams from the Carbine Devs with Tony and Frost hosting while having others join them to talk about certain parts of the game that they work on.  This week we had the following guests on the streams:… More

Total Annihilation: PTR PvP Press Event & Daggerstone Devspeak

The Core was lucky enough to be invited as one of the media outlets for the U.S. Public Test Realm (PTR) Event yesterday.  The event pitted Wildstar players against game journalists from MMORPG, GameSpot, IGN, Curse etc. as well as some Wildstar Devs in the… More

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