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Recent News

Costumes, dyes, and naming simplified in Wildstar

We have a change in how costumes and dye work which is a relief.  Currently my stalker cannot equip heavy type gear, so I’m then unable to dye that gear for a costume set.  If I wanted to use a cool looking heavy piece, I was then… More

Posted on by in Carbine, News
Zone Spotlight: Whitevale

It’s time again for another spotlight from Alice in the Core Network to give us one of his beautiful zone spotlight’s and now it’s the snowy and treatious landscapes of Whitevale, where you will finally for the first time meet you nemesis from the other… More

WS-Base has updated their system for UI 2.0.

If you’ve never been to WS-Base then you’re really missing out on a great tool to help you plan your builds and play style in Wildstar.  With the UI 2.0 Patch Notes they did a good deal of sweeps of the classes and the stats in general… More

We’re giving away two copies of Wildstar!

Do you want a copy of Wildstar? We are looking to give two copies of Wildstar Online away.  While we have a larger North American base, we also have a good sized base outside of North America so we’re giving away one of each version…. More

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