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Recent News

Megaguide to Megaservers! All you need to know!

As many of you are aware, or at least you should be aware, Megaservers were announced a while ago for WildStar. If that concept makes no sense to you here is an explanation. Currently in WildStar there are many servers per region (EU/NA), a selection… More

The Wildstar Sky Ain’t Falling Yet Chicken Littles

Can I just start off by saying how tired I am of hearing about how dead Wildstar is?  I get it.  I essentially work as a non-paid fangirl and I try to keep in touch with my readership.  That being said…could we just take a… More

Mega Servers Names Announced!

Looks like we have some fun names for both the EU and NA MegaServers come Drop 3.   The EU Megaserver will be called “Jabbit” (for PvE) and “Luminai” (for PvP). The NA Megaserver will be called “Entity” (for PvE) and “Warhound” (for PvP).  (EU… More

Patch Notes – 11th September 2014

Feedback thread for this update is here. Highlights Massive updates to the Genesis Key Attunement process! Massive updates to the accessibility of AMP Power Upgrades and Ability Tier Points! The Savage Warpig has been given an expresso shot for a much needed boost of energy!… More

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